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Script Writer _ Film Director in Film Industry
Virtual Reality Author, Director & Mentor
Priscila has a degree in International Relations, an interrupted Diplomat Career preparation, and a Visual Arts graduation in Brazil. Later in France, she studied film and become expert in hight technology in the Film Industry. 
Her first film was made in 2005.
In 2012, she started working in major films in the European cinema industry. In 2015, as Director of Photography. (France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland). In 2018, Priscila was nominated for LE CÉSAR, the biggest film award in Europe, known as the European Oscar, in the category of best director of photography. She had this prestigious nomination for the film MR. STEIN GOES ONLINE, a fictional feature film that participated as an official selection in several international film festivals around the world.
Today Priscila lives in Europe is founder and CEO at IMAGIC DREAMS : Art - Tech Innovation  production company based in VAUD, french Switzerland.
For her, impossible things are just about a limited point of view.